Krzysztof Michałkiewicz, Secretary of State


He received a master’s degree in Sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Lublin. He also completed post-graduate studies at the Centre for the Development of Social Services of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (social assistance organisation).

In years 1979–1981, he was employed as a sociologist at Zakład Remontowy Energetyki in Lublin. In 1981, he served as a newsletter editor in the office of NSZZ Solidarność Region Management in Lublin. In years 1982–1983, he was victimised by the government of the Polish People's Republic and sentenced to prison for 2.5 years. He stayed in Australia as a political refugee from 1984 to 1992.


After returning from emigration, he served as a director of the Labour Department of the Region Office in Lublin, and then as a director of the Voivodeship Team for Social Assistance until 1998. In years 1999–2002, he worked as a director of the Social Issues Department of the Lublin Voivodeship Office, and in 2002–2003 – as a deputy director of the Municipal Centre of Family Assistance in Lublin. In years 2003–2004, he was director of the Social Assistance Centre in Lublin. Then he served as a Deputy President of Lublin until 2005.


He has been an active member of several social organisations, including the Lublin Charity Association and the Lublin Association of Social Assistance Organisers. In years 1992–1998 he was a member of the Voivodeship Council for Employment. He received the Lumen Mundi medal from the Lublin archbishop for his social activity.


He was the Minister of Labour and Social Policy in the government of Law and Justice from October 2005 to May 2006.


He has been deputy to the Sejm  of terms V, VI, VII and the current term. He is the Government Plenipotentiary for Disabled People and the Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


He has been member of Law and Justice since 2004. He has been the President of Lublin Region Management of Law and Justice for many years.

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