Economic Forum in Krynica with meetings about health, labor market and family


The XXVIII edition of the Economic Forum took place on 4-6 September 2018 in Krynica. It was the most important meeting of people from the world of politics and business from Central and Eastern Europe. The event which was attended by the Management of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy was titled "Europe of common values ​​or Europe of common interests?".


During the panel "Family is strength. New challenges in family policy in the Carpathy region of Europe", Minister Elżbieta Rafalska said, that there is no strong family without stable labour market. The Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy pointed out that research shows that salary growth and stable employment gives to people the feeling of family security. This simple fact gives us a birth growth in return.


As a speaker of the next panel titled "Together for health", the minister highlighted that the bad demographic situation in Poland was a strong motive to create government pro-family programmes. In addition, to increase fertility good health care is crucial; not only money and a good situation on the labour market. "Families need good care for a pregnant woman, for a small child, and good standards of practice and care after birth," minister Rafalska said. As she emphasized, other challenge to be beaten is society aging and the need of care for chronically ill family members.


On the other panel titled "In search of a modern labour market for a new era. Trends, discussions, actions", deputy minister Stanisław Szwed said that it is crucial for the government to force that flexible forms of employment had a form of employment contracts, which gave a sense of security and a guarantee of pay. He also reminded about the introduction of a minimum hourly wage and minimum wage.


During the second day of the Economic Forum in Krynica, Minister Elżbieta Rafalska also presented the latest data on unemployment. According to MRPiPS estimates in August 2018 unemplyment dropped to a record 5.8%.

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