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In the past, any matter had to be dealt with personally, while any application – including a set of certificates which take much time to prepare – had to be submitted in paper. Nowadays, everything can be completed faster and more efficiently with the use of the Internet. For 3 years now, the Ministry of Family has been the leader in the introduction of modern IT solutions to make life easier for Polish families.


Digital revolution – we like submitting online applications

Parents used to waste their valuable time by queuing up in offices just a few years ago. They had to submit any application in person. If they decide to submit a 500+ application or a Good Start application now, they can use the Empathy Internet Portal of the Ministry of Family, electronic banking or the Electronic Services Platform of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).


Upon the introduction of the Family 500+ Programme in 2016, the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy preferred online applications, being aware that this path will make life easier for the Poles and will generate additional savings in service costs for the state budget.


In the settlement period, as many as 34% of 500+ applications were submitted by electronic means across the whole country (approx. 766 thousand). It may be concluded that the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy contributes even to the development of electronic banking as 92.6% of all the electronic 500+ applications are submitted through banks in the new period. Electronic banking was used to submit 89.7% online applications under the Good Start Programme. A total of approx. 2 million applications were submitted in this way under both Programmes.


Making life easier for Polish families

Until quite recently, citizens were obliged to submit an application along with a set of certificates which took much time to prepare. Currently, they must make one declaration to deal with official matters, including by means of the Internet. Possessing its databases, the state is now obliged to verify the factual state.


Upon the introduction of the 500+ Programme, the Ministry of Family made a step further and set one deadline for submitting online applications this year. Starting from July, office have accepted online applications under the 500+ Programme, applications for family benefits and applications for benefits from the maintenance fund and applications under the new Goods Start Programme at the same time. This change allowed families to save a lot of time, while offices could process the submitted applications more swiftly.


Effects are visible in every-day life. During the first three months of the Good Start Programme, as many as 89% of eligible pupils have received a benefit of PLN 300 for their school kits. That means that families have already received PLN 4.1 million in benefits. It may be concluded confidently that such a good result of the implementation of the Programme was driven, apart from the outstanding engagement of employees of the self-government administration, by a high percentage of online applications. Every two applications for benefits from the Good Start Programme were submitted electronically, which brings additional savings in administration costs of the Programme.


Online applications – this is really simple

This is not the end of e-facilitations. The Ministry of Family makes it easier for citizens to complete the very online forms by introducing a system of automatic completion of many data in the electronic forms. Citizens make much less mistakes now, which allows us to issue decisions on granting benefits within a shorter period.


Modernity has also been our goal in case of the Large Family Card which guarantees discounts for families with many children by over 4 thousand companies and institutions. From the beginning of the current year, the Card may be used in the form of an application for mobile devices.


The application allows to search partners of the Large Family Card by category, location or expression in a swift and simple way. Users of the mobile Large Family Card may also subscribe newsletters.


Families with many children have fallen in love with the mobile Large Family Card. A total of approx. 180 thousand cards have been issued across Poland.


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