Unemployment in July the lowest in years


“In July, the registered unemployment rate remained at a record low level of 5.9%,” the Statistics Poland informed, confirming the estimates of the Ministry of Family.


In each of the provinces, the unemployment rate was below 10 per cent. The lowest rate was recorded in Wielkopolskie Province (3.3%), Śląskie Province (4.5%) and Pomorskie and Małopolskie Provinces (4.8% each). The highest unemployment was recorded in Warmińsko-Mazurskie (9.9 p.c.), Kujawsko-Pomorskie and Podkarpackie Provinces (8.7 p.c. each).

The fact that in July the registered unemployment rate remained at the record low level from the previous month is a confirmation of the continuing good economic situation and the result of the growing demand for labour in agriculture during seasonal work.


“Good economic situation should contribute to further improvement of the situation on the labour market, in particular the maintenance of high demand for labour and the rate of wage growth,” said Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


The number of unemployed registered in labour offices as at the end of July amounted to 961.8 thousand people, which means that it decreased by 6.1 thousand people from the end of June, thus setting another record in the history of the market economy in Poland (apart from the first months after the economic transformation). The number of unemployed at the end of July was 178.2 thousand people lower than last year.

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