Poland's labour market is getting better


Poland's unemployment rate amounted to 6.6% in March. In comparison to February this is a decrease by 0.2 percentage point. Last year, the unemployment rate was 1.4 percentage points higher and amounted 8%.


Unemployment rate fell in all voivodeships in March 2018. A decrease from 0.1 point (in małopolskie, pomorskie and wielkopolskie) to 0.4 percentage point in the warmińsko-mazurskie where unemployment rate has been the highest for years.


The number of unemployed in March 2018 amounted to 1.09 million people. In comaprison to February 2018 it decreased by 33.2 thousand people (by 2.9%). The relative (percentage) decline in the number of unemployed in March 2018 (comparing to the end of February 2018) was recorded in all voivodeships, but the greatest in lubuskie - by 4.9% (by 1.3 thousand people); zachodnio-pomorskie - by 4.0% (by 2.2 thousand people); opolskie - by 3.8% (by one thousand people) and warmińsko-mazurskie - by 3.7% (by 2.4 thousand people).


The number of vacancies and sheltered workshop places reported by employers to labor offices in March 2018 amounted to 147 thousand and in comparison to February 2018 it increased by 17 thousand (by 13.1%).

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