V4: family support as a response to demographic problems


On March 28th Minister Rafalska took part in Strong Families for a Strong Europe conference held with the participation of V4, or ‘Visegrad Group’ countries in Budapest, Hungary. If we have in Europe, as the Visegrad Group, established common position and message, then our voice will surely be stronger because we speak with one voice said Minister Rafalska.


Katalin Novak, Hungarian Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary stressed that the Visegrad Group countries agree that supporting families can solve the demographic problems affecting whole Europe.


Minister Rafalska pointed out that family policy is a key social policy for Poland, and expressed her satisfaction that the Hungarian Presidency in the V4 led all the countries of the Group to conclusion that it is not only in the interest of one nation to care for its family policy or for fertility in its own country.


After the meeting, the V4 ministers signed a joint declaration in which they stressed that the family is the fundamental societal unit on which all other communities are based. They also drew attention to the importance of protecting and strengthening the family.


On Wednesday the Hungarian Minister of Human Resources Zoltan Balog received the Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland from Minister Rafalska in recognition of outstanding merits in the development of Polish-Hungarian cooperation. The Order was granted by the Polish President Andrzej Duda.

V4: family support as a response to demographic problems V4: family support as a...
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