Large Family Card new partner: PGNiG


Families that participate in Large Family Card programme can expect financing for a purchase of a gas bolier up to PLN 3 000. And all thanks to the agreement that has been signed with Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo - a new Large Family Card partner.


The subsidies offered by PGNiG for replacing the existing heat sources with gas boilers are part of anti-smog and pro-family government measures. A total of 11.000 households will be eligible for funding and 10.000 of them can count on support in the amount of PLN 1 000. PGNiG has provided more funding for one thousand Large Family Card holders who can receive up to PLN 3 000. PGNiG's aim to improve air quality in Poland by replacing the existing heat sources with ecological gas heating forms part of anti-smog and pro-family government measures.


Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski, pointed out that gas costs for households are falling (since 2015 by 11%). At the same time, he stressed that Poland must increase the availability of gas which is an ecological and low-emission fuel.


Minister of Family, Labour and Social Family Elżbieta Rafalska noticed that the funding for the purchase of a boiler is a significant support for large families. We are aware that ecological solutions can be expensive especially for large families. I am glad that PGNiG joins the Large Family Card partners said Elżbieta Rafalska.

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