Large Family Card even more attractive


After the introduction of the Large Family Card application for mobile devices, it is time to expand the offer addressed to large families. PZU Group, Bank Pekao and LOT Polish Airlines join a group of Large Family Card partners while LOTOS Group extends its offer for large families.


Large Family Card (KDR) is a system of discounts and entitlements for 3+ families in both public and private companies. KDR holders have, among others the possibility of cheaper use of cultural institutions, recreational centers and bookstores throughout the country. Having a card makes it easier for large families to access recreation and reduce the cost of everyday life.


Every company and institution can join the Large Family Card programme regardless of size, sector or range of activity. Partners include nationwide networks as well as small local entrepreneurs. Thanks to the agreements signed today with four companies owned by the State Treasury, the rich offer for large families will be extended with interesting discounts from Lotos Group and three new KDR partners: PZU Group, Bank Pekao and LOT Polish Airlines.


PZU Group proposes attractive family discounts for insurance products and medical services offered by its subsidiaries. From June 1st Pekao Bank will offer comprehensive promotion for most products. And from today Large Family Card holders will be entitled to buy LOT's tickets at a discount. While thanks to LOTOS Group 3+ families will be able to make use of large discounts on fuel.

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