Pro labore securo award


On June 26th the annual Pro labore securo awards ceremony took place at the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute. In this years edition Minister Elżbieta Rafalska was granted the statuette for achievements in the field of occupational safety and health in Poland. The Pro labore securo has been awarded since 2000 for achievements in the field of public activity in occupational safety and health.


I am very pleased that actions taken both by the government and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Family have been appreciated by the respectful award Committee. Pro labore securo for me is a very prestigious distinction, especially because in previous years the statuette was awarded to people who were great in the field of creating a friendly work environment said Minister Elżbieta Rafalska during the award ceremony.


The list of Pro labore securo awardees include among others Andrzej Bączkowski Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Bożena Borys-Szopa Chairwoman of Labour Protection Council, David Buchanan Head of Health & Safety Laboratory in Great Britain, Enrico Pavoni Chairmanof Fiat Auto Poland, Jorma Rantanen President of International Commission on Occupational Health and Christa Sedlatschek Executive Director of European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

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