Wishes for seniors


The International Day of Older Persons – the holiday established by the UN General Assembly – is celebrated on 1 October. This is not only a time for smiles and wishes for seniors, but also an opportunity to promote postulates aimed at improving the situation of people of mature years. This is the fight against discrimination, prevention of exclusion, care for adequate health care and full participation of older people in cultural and economic development of societies.


On this occasion, Minister Elżbieta Rafalska extended her wishes to all seniors.


I would like to offer my best wishes to all elders: of course, I wish you a lot of health, achievement of all plans and life intentions.


I would like us to remember that at every stage of our life we can live it to the fullest, enjoy it. Each stage has its charm and it is worth remembering about it.


I wish older persons to maintain their activity for as long as possible – this is very important – and in difficult moments, to be able to always count on their relatives, friends. To never feel alone, and to remember that it is really worth being active.

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