The leadership of the Social Dialogue Council was taken over by Minister Rafalska

On October 30, 2017 at the Presidential Palace, the Social Dialogue Council held its plenary meeting. Elżbieta Rafalska - Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Poland took over the chair of the Council. 
During the ceremony Andrzej Duda - President of the Republic of Poland, appointed new members to the Social Dialogue Council. The leadership of the Social Dialogue Council was taken over by Minister Rafalska, after a one-year leadership of Henryka Bochniarz - President of the Lewiatan Confederation.
Minister Rafalska emphasized that social dialogue is crucial to work out better solutions. "Our Government conducts a very active social policy and dialogue is very important. With a good debate of different parties – employers, trade unions and the government, there is always a chance to develop better common solutions"- Minister Rafalska said. 
Minister Rafalska also thanked her predecessors –  Henryka Bochniarz and Piotr Duda, Chairman of NSZZ Solidarność – who chaired the Social Dialogue Council in the past. 
"It was a pleasure - to look how the dispute can be proceed with a good atmosphere, full argumentation, high competences as well as high activity of the Council members’ – Minister Rafalska concluded.
The presidential draft of the amendments to the Act on the Social Dialogue Council and other social dialogue institutions was presented at the meeting. Possible solutions on improving the health system functioning were also discussed. In addition, the European Social Pillar was addressed in the framework of preparation for the November EU Summit in Goeteborg.
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