The "Family 500+" programme means a benefit of PLN 500 per month for every second and next child, without additional conditions. Low income families will also receive support for the first or only child, provided they meet the criterion of PLN 800 net or PLN 1200 when raising children in a disabled-child family. This means an annual child support of up to PLN 6000 annually.


The PLN 500 benefit is long-term support.


Who may receive the benefit?

The "Family 500+" Programme is a systemic support for Polish families. Parents and guardians of children up to the age of 18 can receive benefit for bringing up a child support benefit 500 +. Each family with a minimum of two minor children will be able to receive PLN 500 for the second and every subsequent child. For families with income below PLN 800 net per person, support will be given to the family also for the first or only child. In the case of families with children with disabilities, the income criterion is higher and amounts to PLN 1200 net. Additional support of PLN 500 may also be provided to foster families, parental care centres and family children's homes, for each child, on the basis of the Act on family support and the foster care system.


More than 2.6 million families take advantage of the "Family 500+" Programme.


Can any family get support?

Every family will receive a benefit irrespective of the parents' marital status. It can therefore be given both to families where parents are married, to single-parent families and parents remaining in informal relationships. For divorced parents, support will be given to the parent who actually takes care of the child. However, such a parent is required to provide information that he or she receives child support (alimony) or that he or she has requested such benefits. If the parents have joint and equal custody of the child, both have the right to apply and receive support, taking account of the period they actually provide care for that child.


What about patchwork families?


If the partners live informally and have children from previous relationships and raise at least one common child, then the childcare benefit for the first child will depend on the income criterion and regarding the other children - irrespective of the income. A child up to 25 years old who is dependent on parents is included in the calculation of family income. This way, the younger brother or sister can still receive support if the income per person does not exceed PLN 800 (PLN 1200 if the family raises a disabled child).


Who pays the benefit?


Child support benefit 500+is provided within gminas (communities), and in cases where EU regulations on the coordination of social security systems apply, Marshals of voivodeships (regions) provide the service. Selection of optimal organisational solutions in the gminas, which will ensure proper and timely implementation of the childcare service, will be put within the responsibility of heads of voivodeships, mayors and presidents of cities.

Similarly to the organisational arrangements for family benefits that have been in operation for many years, the child support benefit 500+will be available in a given gmina, either in the gmina / city office or in a separate organisational unit in a social welfare centre or other organisational unit in a given gmina, for example in special centres already established in many cities in Poland, which are set up for the realisation of social benefits.


How to handle the paperwork?


The application for this benefit will need to be submitted once a year. You can do it online or in person in the gmina. When a family applies for benefits only for second and subsequent children you will not need to document your income situation. Only the benefits for the first child will depend on the income criterion and in that case, every year, it is necessary to confirm that the threshold is not exceeded. The application must include the details of the claimant, the data of the other parent and the children concerned, together with additional attestations and statements, if required. At the same time the gmina itself will acquire basic income data, so you will no longer need to include this information. Child support benefit 500+like all family benefits, will be paid in a way that is convenient for parents, primarily through bank transfer or cash.


Under the "Family 500+" Programme the amount of PLN 6,000 shall be given to the parents for the care of a child


When can applications be filed?


Applications forchild support benefit 500+for a further period can be filed as of 1 August 2017. If a person submits a complete and correctly completed application for childcare for a further period by 31 August, the award of the child support benefit 500+and the payment of the benefit for October shall take place until 31 October of that year. If a person submits the application along with the required documents between 1 September and 31 September of the given year, the determination of the eligibility and payment of the benefits awarded for the months of October and November will be no later than November 30 of that year. Where an applicant for a child support benefit 500+submits an application together with the required documents between 1 October and 31 October of a given year, the award and payment of the benefit for the month of October, November and December shall take place no later than 31 December of that year.


Family with a disabled child?


In the case of a disabled child, the income criterion for the first child is set at the amount of PLN 1200. It is important that dependent children up to the age of 25 years are considered as family members. In addition, children under 25 years of age with a severe disability certificate are also included if they are eligible for nursing care or special care allowance or caretaker's allowance.


How much money can you get?

A family with two children, meeting the income criterion will receive PLN 1000 per month. If the income per capita is more than PLN 800 net, the family will receive PLN 500 per month, until the child is 18 years old. Less affluent families with two children will receive PLN 12,000 yearly. The benefit is not taxable - parents receive PLN 500, on which they do not have to pay tax or contributions. This also applies to parents that are self-employed (individual business activity).


The 500+ Programme and other benefits for families?

An child support benefit 500+of PLN 500 is not included in income when determining eligibility for benefits from other support schemes, in particular social welfare benefits, alimony fund, family benefits, housing allowances, scholarships for students and students.


"500+ Family" Programme in the EU

If a family is eligible for a benefit of a similar nature abroad. If the parent resides in another EU country and applies for family benefits there, the local authority informs the competent Marshal of the Voivodeship in Poland. It will then forward this information to the appropriate gmina. This is a mechanism that has been functioning in the family benefit system since the accession of Poland to the EU, i.e. has been functioning for more than 11 years and eliminates situations of receiving benefits in more than one country at the same time.


More than 3.9 million children are covered by the "500+ Family" Programme.

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