The "For Life" (“Za życiem”) Programme, launched on 20 December 2016, supports households with disabled family members, in particular children with disabilities.


A network of supported accommodation is to be developed, including sheltered and training accommodation.


It is a form of social assistance: people in sheltered accommodation, under the supervision of professionals, prepare for independent living or are assisted by practitioners in daily life activities.


Supported living- depending on the purpose of support - comprises sheltered accommodation and training accommodation.


Training accommodationprovide everyday life services and training in order to ensure that persons participating in the programme are able to live independently and perform their social roles. Support is provided to those in a difficult situation and with social care needs.


Within sheltered accommodation,support and assistance in everyday life activities are provided, promoting at the same time social contacts.  The level of independence depends on the psychophysical capacity of each person.


The amount of the subsidy determined by the voivode may be increased by a maximum of 30% for each person that relies on services of a special needs centre.They are aimed at persons with multiple disabilities or the autism spectrum disorder, who have been diagnosed with a severe disability and need permanent or prolonged care or assistance of another person, as their capability of independent living is greatly reduced.


Family caring for a disabled child will have the opportunity to apply for 10 hours of household support services per week provided by the Municipal Social Welfare Centre.This form of assistance is aimed at those caring for the disabled and does not involve the provision of care services to the disabled.


It is planned to support caregivers who wish to resume employment.This applies to caregivers (registered as unemployed or job-seekers), with the exception of those who receive the attendance allowance or the special carer’s allowance.


Family assistants will be supported in preparing for the role of coordinators in charge of counselling women holding a document confirming pregnancy, their families or families with a child who has been diagnosed with a severe and irreversible disability or an incurable life-threatening illness that developed during pregnancy or at birth.


Implementation stage: First-phase changes entered into force on 1 July. Work on phase two is underway, and its implementation is planned in the fourth quarter of 2017.

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